Obtaining a further degree

Should you have already earned one or more Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees (or other University Degrees) you can enroll in a new course of study, requesting a reduced period of attendance, that is the recognition of the credits acquired from previous university careers: you should priory request the evaluation, with the below listed rules.

Attention: with reference to the courses with limited number of places you should comply with the selection procedures, published on the course of study webpage in the section Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.

Deadlines for application

There are two frames of time, which correspond to two different enrolment periods: you can freely choose the period but you need to be graduated to enroll.

1st window of time

Enrolment application: by 30 June 2022

Enrolment: from 1 July to 6 October 2022

2nd window of time

Enrolment application: from 7 November to 7 December 2022

Enrolment: from 9 January to 6 April 2023

How to register

  1. register on the UniTS website, at the webpage Service on-line, possibly by using the Spid: if already registred you need to verity that the information on the page “Personal Data” are updated.
  2. fill-in the request form (one for each qualification obtained): it is editable, so you can fill it in online and save your copy
  3. prepare the scan front and back of the identity document
  4. send via mail the completed form along with the identity document to the “Admission Office of the course of study of your interest”, by indicating as subject “Request of assessment for career abbreviation”.

The contribution for evaluation of € 150,00 and the stamp duty of € 16,00, will be charged upon receipt of the enrolment application, on the webpage Payment and Services on-line.

Following the evaluation from the competent department you will receive an e-mail communication and if you decide to enroll, you will pay the enrollment duties and contributions for year 2022 / 2023 (see Fee Advise). The instructions are published on the page How to enroll.

Once received the enrolment you will be required to attend the mandatory safety video course.

Last updated on: 29/06/2022 - 09:39