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Recognition of foreign qualifications

Information on different types of recognition (specific recognition such as for ex. “professional recognition”) visit the Cimea (Centre for Information on Academic Mobility and Equivalences) website.

Information below refers exclusively to the academic recognition of a foreign qualification to the corresponding Italian qualification.

The assessment of the foreign qualification may produce differing results:

  1. the awarding of the corresponding Italian qualification without any requests for integration, i.e. ‘full recognition’ or ‘full equivalence’;

  2. the request to take further examinations/obtain further credits and/or submit final papers to integrate the part of the study curriculum not covered by the foreign qualification, and then the proposal to enrol at the University with a "reduced period of attendance".

Before submitting your application, check Courses and Programmes to see if there is a course of study similar to that completed abroad.

Last updated on: 21/10/2021 - 13:03