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Recognition of foreign qualifications

Information and forms to request recognition of a qualification obtained abroad (Equivalence): Cimea (Centre for Information on Academic Mobility and Equivalences) website.

The information given here refers exclusively to the recognition of the academic equivalence of a foreign qualification to a corresponding Italian qualification.

The assessment of the foreign qualification can produce differing results:

  1. issue of the corresponding Italian qualification without any requests for integrations, i.e. ‘full recognition’ or ‘full equivalence’;

  2. request to sustain further examinations/obtain further credits and/or present further work to include that part of the studies not covered by the foreign qualification, and, consequently, the proposal to apply to the University for a ‘Reduced period of attendance’.

Before applying, check the Courses and Programmes to make sure that a similar course to that completed abroad is available.

Last updated on: 04/06/2019 - 13:26