On-line Services for students

The University provides students with a series of on-line services to make life at university easier.
Services are accessed with the username and password issued on enrolment.
If you loose or forget your username or password, contact the password retrieval service.
With your university username and password, you can access:

  • Student on-line Secretariat (ESSE3): after logging in, you can choose your course of study, view/change your study programme, pay fees, enrol for an examination, etc. (Before going to the secretariat, check if the service you need is available on-line).
  • Teaching Materials and E-Learning  MOODLE: is a platform where teachers can upload course materials.
  • University E-mail (OFFICE 365): the mail box will be used for all official correspondence from and to the University.
  • appmyuniTS is the official app of the University of Trieste and can be downloaded from Android and Apple stores (iOS). The app offers information about the university community and provides some student services.   
  • MATLAB (MatrixLaboratory) is a computing environment developed to manage matrix-type objects. The University holds a Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license, which offers University-wide access to MATLAB, Simulink and various additional products. All students can use MATLAB on their personal computers or laptops. matlab
  • University Wireless Networks. On University sites, the networks available are:eduroam (a secure network with encrypted transmission) and units (a non-encrypted network with limited functionality). Instructions to access the wireless network.
  • Digital Documents (Biblioteche di Ateneo): the University Library System provides a search engine to locate digital documents. The service is publicly available on the university network, but requires a username and password from outside.
  • Computer Workstations are provided for students on the 5th floor of H3 building.

Last updated on: 04/03/2021 - 08:19