Injuries and insurance cover

Persons included under insurance cover:

  • students;
  • doctoral students;
  • students on specialisation schools;
  • students of master’s programmes;
  • students on professional development courses.

Those involved must be regularly enrolled in their course of study.

Relevant regulations:

Art. 4, No. 5 of the Single Text approved by the Presidential Decree of 30 June 1965 No. 1124 "(...) the students of educational establishments of all levels, including private institutions, who attend technical and scientific instruction or practical exercises, or who carry out work exercises (...)” are included under the insurance.

Circular I.N.A.I.L No. 28 of 23.4.2003 "(...) students are a particular category that does not have an employment contract and is insured exceptionally “only for injuries accidents that occur in the course of technical and scientific instruction or practical and work exercises, as specifically stipulated in the Single Text, with the exclusion of injuries, such as ongoing cases, not connected to the specific activity for which there is a legal obligation.

New Single Text on safety, Legislative Decree 81/08, that stipulates in art. 18, section 1, sub-section r) the declaration of injuries, even of a single day (in addition to the day of the event).

Steps to follow:

  1. A student injured within university facilities must report to the nearest first aid point;
  2. As soon as the first I.N.A.I.L medical certificate is available (issued by the first aid point with an indication of the days to recovery), this must be submitted, together with the Declaration of the injury, to the University Student and Teaching Services Section – Secretariat service of the course of study – either in person or by fax to: 040 558 3100;
  3. At the same time, the respective department/unit must be contacted (Director of the Department, Director of the Course of Study, Head of the Unit, etc.) to provide a detailed description of the causes and circumstances that led to the injury;
  4. The head of unit in question must compile all parts of the injury declaration form and send the original (or fax: 040 5583100) as soon as possible to University Student and Teaching Services Sector – secretariat service for the Faculty;
  5. To avoid sanctions, the Administrator must present the declaration to I.N.A.I.L and to the competent police authority within 48 hours (or 24 hours in the case of death or an imminent probability of death) of receipt of the initial medical documentation;
  6. If it is necessary to extend the period of absence, the injured party can go directly to I.N.A.I.L. – Via del Teatro Romano 18 – Trieste, or to his/her family doctor and submit the medical certificate to the Administration.
  7. The student must  complete and finalise the period of recovery (with I.N.A.I.L. or his/her family doctor) before returning to academic work in university facilities and submit the final medical certificate to the Administration.

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