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Do you want to study at the University of Trieste?

Check out the complete list of our Bachelor's and Master's Degrees and the list of Programmes taught in English.

Most of our courses are entirely taught in Italian. If you are a non EU citizen and reside outside Italy, you need to pass an Italian language test, in order to be admitted.

You do not need to take the Italian language test if: 

- you obtained the International Baccalaureate in one of the schools listed here,  if your study plan included the Italian language;

- you graduated from a high school in Italy or from an Italian school abroad; 

- you hold a Diploma in Italian Language and Culture issued by the Universities for Foreigners of Perugia and Siena;  

- you hold a Lower Secondary School final qualification obtained in Argentina, if your study plan included the Italian language for at least 5 years ; 

- you apply for a master-level programme (laurea magistrale); 

- you hold a certificate of competence in Italian (at least level B2), recognized by the CLIQ Association (Quality Certification), e. g. CELI, CILS, PLIDA; 

- you apply for an English-taught programme. In this case, you must pass a test in English. 

The University of Trieste is one of the best Universities in Italy. Click on Why UniTS to know why choosing University of Trieste.  

If you have obtained the required qualification abroad to access your study course, visit our web page where you can find all necessary information regarding documents required for applicationand deadlines for admission.  


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For information about enrolment procedures on Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses, visit the web page Admissions

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