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Distance Learning

Based on the current provisions adopted by the Authorities and the resolutions of the University Bodies, lessons of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses will be carried out in “in person” classrooms and guaranteed also through distance learning. Some courses, according to Departments’ provisions, will be carried out totally or partially through distance learning.

More general regulations about security, access to classrooms and the use of study and rest stop rooms are included in the “Joint Protocol regulating the measures to fight and contain the widespread of Covid-19”.

The tool adopted by the University of Trieste for distance learning (synchronic and a-synchronic online lessons) is Microsoft Teams (MS Teams).

Access to virtual classrooms is made through the Catalogue of distance learning by using university credentials, in the following format:

Contact details: 
MS Teams Platform

For any questions about Distance Learning provided through the Catalogue of distance learning write to:

Last updated on: 27/09/2021 - 10:28