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Spin Off

In Italy, the term ‘spin-off’ refers to a relatively recent phenomenon indicating the creation of a new company that grows out of another. The aim is to apply previously accumulated knowledge that has not been fully exploited or directed to a specific production use not within the institutional objectives of the mother company.

Spin-offs are a useful tool to realise opportunities for innovation which, for different reasons depending on the original context, are best not developed internally, but rather in a new business initiative that can grow independently with its own business and technological models.

The creation of businesses from research has become one of the main topics within evolutionary economic theories based on the ‘knowledge-innovation’ pairing. This has massively involved universities which, of necessity, have had to base their own approaches to the exploitation of scientific research and technology transfer on this new objective.

The spin-offs that are currently active in the University of Trieste are (in chronological order of foundation):



Esteco srl: from 1999, simulation and optimization software. 



L.I.F.T. srl: from 2007, Rail and Traffic Engineering Laboratory.


O3 Enterprise srl: from 2007, software and services for the health sector.

nanoxer Nanoxer srl: from 2008, research, development and production in the field of aerogels.
modefinance ModeFinance srl: from 2009, assessment of the economic and financial standing of Italian and foreign limited companies.
cenergy C-Energy srl: from 2010, advanced technology in the field of low environmental impact generators based on fuel cells.


Arco srl: from 2010, environment, research consultancy and sustainable solutions for the chemical industry.



DNA analytica: from 2011, products and services for genetic analyses.



Esplora srl: from 2012, services and technologies for non-invasive underground and seabed exploration.

dinamica Dyn@mica: from 2012, management solutions for company finance.
bilimetrix Bilimetrix srl: from 2012, creation, development and validation of a point of care to determine bilirubin in new-borns.


Iefluids srl: from 2013, research on industrial and environmental fluid mechanics.

autologs Autologs srl: from 2013, solutions to problems in optimisation, resource management and decision-support tools
picosats PicoSaTs srl: from 2014, design and development of picosatellites for scientific and technological uses.


MaterialScan srl: from 2015, sensors to monitor structural integrity of buildings, infrastructure and industrial plant.

biopolife Biopolife srl: from 2015, production of high value-added functionalised polysaccharide for bio-medical use.
m2test M2TEST srl: from 2016, micro-macro testing - a service company for bone elastic structure testing.
  SYMOPT srl: from 2017, SYstems and MOdelling OPtimisation - software and consultancy in industrial automation for the optimization of corporate production processes.


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