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Queue ticket dispenser with the ufirst app

05 Marzo, 2019

ufirst is the service provided free of charge by the University of Trieste to improve the quality of waiting in the secretariat.

It replaces the Qurami application, changing only the name of the application, which is made available under the new name of ufirst

Downloading the ufirst app on your smartphone you can disconnect the number for the queue directly from your mobile phone before arriving at the secretariat, know in real time the number of people in front of you and have an estimate of the waiting time even before entering the structure, thus saving valuable time!

To get in line with ufirst a few steps are enough:
1) Download the app from the stores (G-Play-Apple) or access the Web app 
2) Select "University of Trieste" and choose the service: the number of people queuing up will be displayed in real time.
3) Take the virtual number. In a moment you are already in line!
4) While you do what you want, ufirst queues for you. Thanks to real-time notifications, you can go on the spot when it's almost your turn.