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Queue ticket dispenser with the ufirst app

05 March, 2019

ufirst is the free service of the University of Trieste to ease queuing in the Student Secretariat offices.

It replaces the previous Qurami system and the system’s name only changes into the new ufirst. 

 Once you have downloaded the ufirst app on your smartphone, before going to the Secretariat you can take a number for the queue directly with your device , check in real time the number of people in front of you and get an estimate of how long you will wait, so saving precious time!

To get in the queue with ufirst, just follow these few steps:

1) Download the application from the stores (G-Play-Apple) or access the web app;
2) Select "University of Trieste" and choose the service: the number of people in the queue will be displayed in real time.
3) Take your virtual number. In a while you are already in the queue!
4) While you are doing what you like, ufirst queues for you. Thanks to real-time notifications, you can go to the Office only when your turn approaches.