Life in Trieste

Trieste is a city of arts, culture, sports and nature

Simply walking along the waterfront or on trails above the city you can take in the varied panoramas and understand the city not just from a scenic point of view but from a cultural one as well.
The presence of monuments and landmarks belonging to diverse ethnic groups that have lived and mingled here since the 17th century explains why, even today, Trieste is a city culturally ready to lead the charge towards a new Humanistic era. With performing arts theatres, an opera house, museums, literary cafés, film and science festivals the city offers daily activities.
Studying in Trieste means also to take advantage of the many organizations and facilities geared towards lovers of the outdoors, such as: swimming, rowing, snorkeling and scuba diving, horseback riding, spelunking, rock climbing, hiking, tennis and golf, not to mention sailing – the annual Barcolana regatta attracts thousands of racers from around the world. Moreover, if you love mountain biking you can follow a number of cycling trails from the Karst down to the coasts of Slovenia and Croatia and enjoy other surroundings that are also rich in history.


Last updated on: 06/09/2018 - 17:13