University of Trieste strongly supports the SAR Italy Statement on the situation of students and scholars in Iran

20 October, 2022

SAR Italy is a partnership between Italian higher education institutions and research centres and SAR, an international network of higher education institutions aimed at fostering the promotion of academic freedom and protecting the fundamental rights of scholars across the world.

Together with the international academic community, the Italian section of Scholars at Risk (SAR Italy), is deeply concerned by the current violations of the human rights of students and staff at Iranian universities, higher education institutions and secondary schools.

SAR Italy is strongly committed to protecting fundamental rights of students and scholars, including the right to free expression, participation in the life of universities and peaceful protests.

Current violations of these rights for university students and staff in Iran are deeply concerning. We appeal to the Iranian government to cease attacks on the protestors, and seek peaceful avenues to address their legitimate demands, which include accountability and transparency around the circumstance of the death of Mahsa Amini.

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