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UniTS Sustainability: new Green Corners with micro-filtered water dispensers in the University buildings

12 November, 2021

Eleven new Green Corners with micro-filtered water dispenser "on tap" have been installed in various buildings of the University for the use of students and the entire university community.

In order to sensitise the University community to a responsible use of resources, AReTS - Acqua di Rete di Trieste Project aims to encourage users to drink mains water and, at the same time, aims to reduce the invasive and excessive use of plastic.

UniTs water, distributed by AcegasApsAmga, is good, safe for drinking and does not release any contaminants; it is classified as oligomineral water of medium-low hardness and considered microbiologically pure on the basis of its bacteriological characteristics.

The distribution network can have a significant impact on the characteristics of the water: due to encrustations or biofilms that can deposite in pipes, in particular the old ones, optimal conditions for the development of bacterial loads can develop, which contribute to an increased risk of infection. This risk can be prevented by a water purification system, implemented at the points of delivery.

For that reason, AReTs project intends to install distributors of micro-filtered, sanitised and biologically pure “tap” water. During 2021, 11 dispensers have been placed in the University buildings, by giving priority to buildings where the presence of students is prevalent or which are most crowded (A, C9, D, F, H3) and near classrooms in Cattinara and Maggiore Hospitals.

Between 2022 and 2023 it is planned to install at least further 14 distribution points.

Water dispensers are part of the green corner settings intended together with a battery of containers for separate waste collection; the corners are intended to be points of awareness on environmental sustainability issues and to this end information systems on responsible use issues will focus on them.

AReTS Project is completed with the production of UniTS customized bottles produced by 24 Bottle, which is characterized by a low carbon footprint supply chain. In addition, the number

-0.08 printed on the bottle reminds each user the amount of CO2 that s/he avoids releasing into the atmosphere every time s/he re-uses it.

In the image on the right it is indicated the logo that has been coined for UniTs sustainability.