UNITS supports the fund raising campaign for FVG Regional Health System

13 March, 2020

As an answer to the requests of some of you, after having talked to the Heads of Department ant to the Vice-President of the FVG Region, Riccardo Riccardi, we have decided to support the fund raising campaign organised by our Region in order to support the emergency needs of our Health System, which is strongly  committed in this dramatic moment.

The University of Trieste therefore confirms – even during an emergency – its constant commitment in both the medical/health and educational/research activities which are always at the highest levels.

We now believe it would be useful to make a further step and show our concrete support to OUR Regional Health System.

Lets's all make a donation, as big as we can: all of us – teachers, staff, students – as well as our families and friends.

We thank you all, from the deep of our heart

Roberto Di Lenarda and Sabrina Luccarini