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UniTS in class A and many good practices

09 May, 2019

UniTS in class A and many good practices: ANVUR promotes the University's Quality Assurance System

The process of accreditation of the University of Trieste has finally ended with the delivery of the Preliminary Report by ANVUR, the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Research.
ANVUR, with its Preliminary Report, accredits the University of Trieste with an average score of 7.61, placing the University at the highest level of judgement: "A-Very positive".

The Commission has recognized the path taken by the University from 2014 to the present day to implement the Quality Assurance System and promote a culture of quality at all levels.

It has rewarded the results achieved with an accreditation judgement that sees 2 Departments and 6 Courses of study accredited without reservation with very flattering overall judgements and a Quality Assurance System evaluated with the maximum of points (10!).

The Rector and the Director General thank you for the great work done in recent years by the entire community in view of this goal.
This evaluation is in fact the result of a great teamwork that, although accelerated and intensified during 2018, was not the result of improvisation but of a commitment developed over time with determination and on a solid methodological basis, by a community of valuable people who, although with different degrees of involvement depending on their roles and tasks, have believed in it and have lavished the utmost effort.
Of course, there are also the critical points and there are still aspects on which to improve. But we are starting from here to start working again, gathering the suggestions and recommendations of the Commission in order to continue our improvement.

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