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UniTs Alumni go global. Laura Marsi top manager of Allianz

17 July, 2019

UniTs Alumni go global. Laura Marsi top manager of Allianz

Here you can find a significant article by Laura Marsi, top manager of Allianz Technology in the human resources sector.

The article, entitled The future of HR, is published on the prestigious specialized HR Tech Outlook website, and can be seen here.

Laura Marsi graduated from Trieste in 1990 with a degree in Economics and Commerce. Today she lives in Munich and has developed her professional career starting from our city.  She joined Allianz immediately after graduating from Trieste office and began her international career a few years later with corporate responsibilities for Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, the Netherlands and Italy. In 2011, she became Global Talent Manager of the Allianz Human Resources Group. 
Today, she is Global Head of HR & Organizational Change at Allianz Technology, with top management responsibilities for her company of 8,500 employees worldwide, for outstanding strategic functions such as "organizational & change management strategy and execution".  Allianz Technology is a global IT services branch for Allianz and provides IT solutions that drive the digitization of the Group. With a presence in 36 countries worldwide, Allianz Technology works with other Allianz entities to digitize Allianz worldwide.

Allianz SE is a European financial services company with its headquarter in Munich, Germany. It is the world's leading insurance company, ahead of the French AXA and the Italian Assicurazioni Generali.