Two new ARDiS catering services in Trieste

25 October, 2021

From Monday 18th October 2021 two catering services will be activated in Trieste by meal delivery with single-portion packaging: the first, completely new reserved to San Giovanni university teaching hub of via Weiss, 2 and the second to Valmaura Teaching Hub of piazzale Valmaura, 9.

In both facilities the service will be provided, from Monday to Friday with only whole meals to be booked and paid for exclusively with “Bookameal” App by 6.00 am on the day of meal delivery.

Booked meals’ distribution will be provided by Sodexo only for lunches at the following times:

- San Giovanni Hub, in v. Weiss 2 - building Q (photo), from 12.30 am to 1 pm;

- Valmaura Hub from 12.55 am to 1.55 pm.

The fortnightly menus will be published on ARDIS web page Catering where you can choose dishes corresponding to menu 1 - 2 - 3 indicated in the “Bookameal” App for each specific ARDiS Catering points.

Please visit website for updates.

In Annex you can find the instructions for the use of Bookameal app and electronic wallet.