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Transform4Europe with Ukraine

17 March, 2022

Below is the list of aid measures in place for academic communities provided by all members of our alliance.

  • In collaboration with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Authority, the Universities of Trieste, Udine and SISSA - International School for Advanced Studies are preparing to welcome Ukrainian students and researchers and support them through scholarships. In particular, regional universities make available up to 18 semesters for doctoral students or master degrees for thesis preparation. Additional mobility grants for visiting faculty are available at SISSA :
  • The University of Trieste rector wrote a letter of support to Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian students: UniTS for peace | Università degli studi di Trieste
  • Dormitory rooms for refugees (in Saarland e.g. 14 rooms directly given to Ukrainian refugees)
  • Donations (food and money) -> most used one, collective of big humanitarian organizations: Spendenkonto Nothilfe
  • Involve local Refugee Law Clinics, e.g. to help refugees to be part of the society in case they would like to stay for a long period of time or forever
  • Lectures about Asylum Law open for every student
  • Offering extra and free language courses to Ukrainian Nationals
  • Emergency fund open to everyone in need (in preparation)
  • Establishing local coordinators (on municipal level and university level)
  • Helplines with speakers of Russian/Ukrainian as mother tongue
  • Extension of psychological aid
  • Joining the “Scholars at Risk Network” and offering jobs for displaced scholars
  • International Office is offering “Student Jobs” especially for students of crisis-stricken countries
  • Extension of stay and scholarships for exchange students and staff

The University of Alicante has set up an institutional working group to help Ukraine, made up of the vice-rectors responsible for International Relations, Social Responsibility, Students and Culture, with the aim of joining forces and preparing a global aid programme in view of the forthcoming arrival of refugees from Ukraine to Alicante, given the state of war in the country. More info

  • Estonian Academy of Arts offers Ukrainian students free study opportunities at our four faculties of Fine Arts, Design, Architecture, and Art Culture until the situation in their country stabilizes.
  • Extended admissions to MA programs
  • EKA opened Ukraine student fund, which helps students to get their starting grant 
  • It also offers help with the transportation to Estonia, finding a place to stay and food
  • There is currently a physical spot open at the Institution where people can donate goods to support those in need
  • Fundraiser organized by the University of Silesia to help both the students who came to UniSil prior to the war and their families, and those who arrived at the University during the last days and will continue to arrive. Please find the details here: Fundraiser for urgent needs of Ukrainian students and their families | Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach. Here is the direct link to the fundraiser. All of the money is used directly to support the students and their families. I assure you that no penny is lost on the way
  • Fundraiser organized by the Polish Humanitarian Action. They support both the Ukrainians who stay in Ukraine and those who left Ukraine and are in Poland. They are acting directly both in Ukraine and Poland. More information
  • No semester fees for Ukrainian students at UniSIl
  • Flexibility or even suspension of students’ obligations (extension of exam session, excuse of all absences, possibility to participate in classes online, short-term leaves)
  • Student volunteers helping the students to deal with anything
  • Offering extra and free language courses to all Ukrainian Nationals at UniSil
  • Establishing University coordinator
  • Joint statement of Transform4Europe alliance
  • Offering free accommodation to Ukrainian students at the University dorms
  • Offering accommodation and support to students who had been studying in Ukraine before the war started and fled to Poland, Katowice
  • Psychological support at the University
  • Legal support at the University
  • Financial aid to Ukrainian students
  • Collecting most essential products at the University (for Ukraine, for refugees, and students: medicaments, clothes for refugees, even products for Ukrainian pets and animals)
  • Different kinds of lectures on how we can help our Ukrainian neighbours to deal with the situation
  • Indefinite extension of stay in university dorms for Ukrainian students
  • Canteen and cafeteria offering free food to Ukrainians
  • Official information about the situation shared on the University website
  • Further information published in the Student Council web page
  • VMU has admitted new students from Ukraine and provided accommodation in the university dormitories for them or their families.
  • Ukrainian students are given scholarships, covering their accommodation, settlement needs, and other expenses.
  • Many partner companies and stakeholders of VMU offer jobs and internships to Ukrainian students and/or their relatives.
  • The VMU staff organizes various charity campaigns to collect relief supplies for Ukrainian students and tries to support them in any possible way.
  • The VMU community, institutionally and individually – students, academic and non-academic staff alike – demonstrate their faith in being “Strong together”, calling for fundraising, organizing relief actions, providing accommodation, offering psychological support.
  • Support
  • In 2020, VMU established a support fund dedicated to students who suffered from repression by the Belarusian government. Now, this fund will also support students who suffered from military operations in Ukraine. The university is also prepared to welcome students and lecturers who are fleeing from war in Ukraine. More information:
  • Invitation to sign a petition against war crimes organized by the Ukrainian World Congress. The petition, which aims to stop war crimes, can be found here.
  • Complete information