Suspension of international mobility

18 May, 2020

Considering the current Covid-19 outbreak and its possible duration at global level, in order to guarantee the students’ safety and give them the possibility to properly plan their studies, we inform that the suspension of future incoming and outgoing mobilities established on 6 March 2020 - at the beginning of the COVID-19 emergency - is extended, as a precautionary measure, to the whole first semester of the AY 2020/2021.

The AY 2020/2021 Erasmus Traineeship Call and the AY 2020/2021 Extra Erasmus Call are also suspended until further notice.

If the foreign hosting organisation agrees with it and both the student’s study programme and the terms of the individual call allow it, those mobilities will be postponed to the second semester or, if they have to be cancelled, rescheduled without students having to pass a new selection.

The International Mobility Office is constantly monitoring the situation; it will communicate the possible options to all students involved and will immediately update the University website with any new provision on the subject from the University itself, the Italian relevant Ministries and the National Agency INDIRE.