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Scientific research in Trieste seen from abroad

23 September, 2019

Il Piccolo dedicated a piece on the research in Trieste by interviewing Dr Gaia Donati, Editor at scientific journal Nature, who takes part in a special Q&A session in the frame of the workshop “Redefining the foundations of physics in the quantum technology era”, organized by prof. Angelo Bassi of the Department of Physics of our University.

The initiative was born within the EU project TEQ “Testing the large scale limits of quantum mechanics”. The article stresses the hope that the new Trieste Institute for the Theories of Quantum Techologies (TQT) would become a focus place for studies on quantum theories gaining a relevant spot at European and international level.


Prof. Angelo Bassi

Tel. (0039) 040 2240315

dott.ssa Irene Spagnul

TEQ project

University of Trieste – Dep. of Physics

Tel. (0039) 040 5583399