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Prof. Lorenza Rega elected President of the Italian Association of German Studies

18 June, 2019

Professor Lorenza Rega, a Germanist and Director of the Department of Legal Science, Language, Interpretation and Translation, was elected President of the Italian Association of German Studies. In addition, Prof. Marella Magris, also from the same Department, is a member of the Board of Directors.
Founded in 1998, the Association aims to promote university studies of German language and literature in Italy, to promote relations between lovers of the relevant disciplines that are not part of the roles of university teaching in Italy, establish contacts of information and collaboration with interested institutions and individual amateur of these disciplines in Italy and abroad, represent towards the public the interests of these areas of research and teaching. Ordinary members are scholars of the above-mentioned disciplines belonging to the Italian university, doctors and research assignees in German language. The Assembly may appoint as elected members scholars and translators who are not part of these roles, as well as supporting members personalities and worthy Insititutions with regard to the Association.