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Pills of Transformation4Europe - T4E #8 - The acronym

24 March, 2021

The acronym T4E has actually a deep and profound meaning, it namely refers to four different levels of transformation (individual, at university level, regional and European) to which the alliance aims to.

1.        Individuals are key agents of transformation. European transformation needs individuals who can actively contribute to shaping a world in which well-being and sustainability are achievable. 

2.     Universities are key institutions to empower individuals to act as the agents of transformation of the future by imparting the necessary knowledge, competencies and values. 

3.       Regions are key immediate environments for transformation. In collaboration with the universities at their core, the regions have major potential to drive transformation in Europe as knowledge and innovation ecosystems. 

4.     Europe is facing complex societal challenges that require a diversity and totality of European perspectives, approaches and solutions. 

That's why our project is called T4E, it's not a case!