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Pills of Transformation4Europe - T4E #3 - The student ambassadors

18 February, 2021

Here we are! The 3rd episode of our project story this week is all concerned with the main characters of the T4E, namely the students!
This innovative project will offer students joint, challenge-based, interdisciplinary, Europe-focused tracks at bachelor level, joint masters programmes, and joint doctoral programmes.
And not only this!

Students will be an integral part of all governance structures, as well as of curricula design and all planned activities within the alliance. This will ensure student-centered solutions and highly customised and flexible study programmes.

Let's meet our ambassadors,  Robera Sandri and Nicola Russo:

"My name is Roberta Sandri and I’m 24 years old. After a Bachelor’s degree in English and French at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and an Erasmus+ for Traineeship in Sweden, I’m currently studying for a Master’s degree in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultural and Literary Tourism at the University of Trieste. I’m very excited to take part in the Transform4Europe project and contribute to shaping a “European University” that future students will have the possibility to attend. I can’t wait to start building an international network of students and discuss together themes that are relevant to the future of education, such as digitalisation, mobility, multilingualism, inclusivity, interdisciplinarity, as well as the promotion of entrepreunership and sustainability."

"My name is Nicola Russo, I am a Master’s student at the Section of Studies in Modern Languages for Interpreting and Translation (SSLMIT) here at the University of Trieste. To me, as a language student, the T4E project will be a turning point in my studies. Easier mobility and greater consideration for multilingualism are both shaping elements of the project. They allow students to learn continuously from other cultures and, of course, to learn languages you never thought you were intrested in. "In varietate concordia" is the motto of the European Union. I appreciate this diversity, as the variety of languages and cultures is a golden path to the variety and richness of thougth."