PhD Top Stories. A new web page for the results of PhD students

22 June, 2020

It has been published on the University website the first contribution dedicated to the promotion of the research results achieved by PhD students from the University of Trieste.

Every two weeks, the best cutting-edge research performed by students belonging to the 14 doctoral courses of our university, 11 of which under UniTS administration, will be presented.

The new web page entitled "PhD Top Stories" has the main goal of highlighting the fundamental contribution made by doctoral students to the research activity of our university and aims to highlight the high quality achieved by our doctoral courses.

The first "story", dedicated to the results of the research performed by Luca Brombal, PhD student in Physics, tells about the novelties introduced with the use of tomography with synchrotron radiation for the understanding of structural details in breast cancer which until now were not detectable with conventional techniques.

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