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MUSE Winter School on Sustainable Mobility

08 January, 2020

The MUSE Winter School on Sustainable Mobility will take place in the beautiful Bohinj, Slovenia, on January 22nd-24th, 2020. The topic of sustainable mobility will be discussed from a variety of standpoints in ten 1.5-hour modules led by academic, institutional and industry experts.

The school is entirely free of charge: all fees, including food and accommodation, are entirely covered by European Interreg funds for all students and staff of the University as well as for participants from the project stakeholders.

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MUSE aims at integrating energy efficiency and carbon dioxide reduction within the mobility planning strategies of the local, cross-border governing institutions, through a collaboration among the latter, the Universities, the research centers and the mobility and energy operators in Slovenia and Italy.

For more information:
prof. Vanni Lughi
prof. Alessandro Massi Pavan