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04 October, 2018

ESOF – EuroScience Open Forum – is the biennial pan-European meeting dedicated to scientific research and innovation. During the forum, leading scientists, young researchers, business people, policy makers, science communicators and the general public discuss new discoveries and debate the direction that research is taking in the sciences, humanities and social sciences.

Trieste has been nominated City of Science 2020 and the Trieste International Foundation for Scientific Progress and Freedom (FIT) is the host organization for the ninth edition of ESOF, which will take place from 4 to 10 July 2020. A key feature of every ESOF edition is the Science in the City Festival, which is dedicated to people of all ages who are curious about science.

Trieste ESOF 2020’s main event will be held in the extraordinary area of the Old Port (Porto Vecchio), which has been for decades the commercial port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and now is an outstanding architectural and industrial heritage that the Trieste Municipality is redeveloping and requalifying.


Freedom for Science, Science for Freedom

Freedom for Science, Science for Freedom is the motto of the Trieste edition of ESOF. As a Central European City, Trieste aims at and is committed to strengthening cooperation and collaboration among Central and Eastern European scientists, entrepreneurs, policy makers and citizens. For the first time in its history, the Euroscience Open Forum will entail activities beyond the host city borders and will encompass the surrounding regions.


Main Objectives: general and specific

ESOF2020 Trieste generally aims at:

PROMOTING science, technology and innovation as key drivers of a sustainable and responsible development that is people-centered;
STIMULATING discussions concerning science, its applications and impacts, including ethical issues;
ESTABILISHING a platform where the dialogue between research institutions, academies and governments is fostered.

ESOF2020 Trieste also has more specific goals:

STRENGTHENING  a scientific and technological network among the Central Eastern European countries, the exsisting Trieste Science System and the rest of Europe;
INTEGRATING AND CONNECTING this network within the Mediterranean, North Africa and Central Asia;
CREATING a Museum dedicated to Science and Technology and its dissemination.


proESOF – an innovative tool towards ESOF2020 Trieste

In order to ensure a strong involvement of Central and Eastern European countries and to engage the local community, FIT has created a local team – Trieste Encounters on Science and Innovation (TESI) – to develop a proESOF programme. This represents an innovation in the traditional EuroScience format as it envisages a series of regional and international events to be organized in the Triveneto region, the CEE countries and the Balkans with a strong engagement of local institutions, authorities and citizens.

In order to support these activities, the TESI Local Programme Committee will launch a call for proposals quarterly.

The call envisages three different kinds of initiatives:

events to be held before 2020, preferably spread over the targeted region;
events to be included in the Science in the City Festival, which will take place before and during ESOF main event;
events to be included in the main event. The call for such events will be launched in January 2019. Proposals that are submitted prior to the 2019 call will receive suggestions and advice to better fulfill the official call requirements.

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