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Emergency Coronavirus COVID-19

04 March, 2020


Updates of March 4 after our Governement decree

Here's the following synthesis:

-The suspension of teaching activities is confirmed until April 3rd, 2020

-Public and private events are suspended if safety distance cannot be guaranteed

- Educational, exchange or trips are suspended

-All the frontal didactic activities (lessons, exams, theses, degrees) will be replaced with telematic ones

-The validity of all previous behavioural precautions is confirmed.

The Council of Department Directors following the emergency Coronavirus COVID-19, decided some urgent measures for the University of Trieste.

Coronavirus COVID-19 emergency: measures relating to educational activities

1. Frontal lessons

Classroom lectures are currently suspended until 8 March.

At the end of the teaching block, the resumption or the beginning of the frontal lessons can be determined autonomously by the Departments in relation to the specific teaching needs, taking care to coordinate the borrowed and shared activities and without prejudice to the ministerial and regional provisions in force.

With the warnings of the previous point, the didactic calendar of the semester can be revised by the individual Departments, which can, if necessary, postpone the previously decided terms.

During the period of suspension of the didactic activities, the frontal lessons foreseen in that period, can be provided in telematic mode, as indicated by the Rector, and in any case in times and modalities agreed upon with the coordinators of the Study Courses.

The lessons carried out in telematic form may consist in the audio and/or video recording of the lesson made available by computer or in the carrying out of the lesson through telematic connection with a virtual class. The relative hours of the lessons will be recorded in the teacher's register.

The "blended" teaching activity, already deliberated by the department for the current academic year, will be recognized according to the regulations in force; further activities, outside the hours related to the frontal lessons, will be recognized within the overall didactic tasks.


2. Internships and other activities

Internships are suspended until 8 March, except for internships of doctors in specialist training and students from the fourth year of the degree courses in medicine and surgery and dentistry and dental prosthetics and from the second year of the degree course in dental hygiene in the manner that will be confirmed by the individual degree courses.

Internship activities also post-graduate and professionalizing are not allowed.

Research activities by undergraduate students in a single form are allowed.

Educational trips are not allowed until at least March 15.

Trainees already present at other locations are invited, subject to agreement with the host institutions and if in safe conditions, not to return, in order to reduce the risk of contagion.


3. Examinations

The dates of the exam appeals can be recalendarized by the Departments in a coordinated way with the possible resumption of the frontal lessons.

Any deadlines relating to the acquisition of CFU useful to obtain scholarships can be recalendarized by the Departments.

No examinations in attendance are allowed during the period of suspension of teaching activities.

During the period of suspension of teaching activities, oral exams may be held (with the possibility of transforming written exams into oral ones) using telematic tools that allow the creation of virtual environments to which all interested candidates may have access, subject to adequate notice.


4. Graduations


Graduation dates are decided by the Departments, which can postpone them on the basis of specific educational and organizational needs.

The deadline for the extraordinary graduation session for the academic year 2018/19 (as of today 31 March 2020) will be postponed by means of a rectoral deed in relation to the duration of the suspension of the teaching activities, without this entailing an additional tax burden for the students.

The deadlines relating to the submission of Master's Degree theses and single cycle theses through the online system of "thesis upload", the deadlines relating to Bachelor's Degrees and all the deadlines relating to the passing of the degree exam can be postponed by the Departments, after coordination with the Student Secretariats to ensure the timely completion of their respective tasks.

The dates of the degree sessions can be postponed by the Departments, also by decree of the Director.

The performance of degree sessions in attendance is allowed if: (a) the presence of undergraduates only; (b) the committee is regularly constituted in accordance with university regulations. Subject to these conditions for the purposes of awarding the degree, the Departments may evaluate the holding of a celebratory event on a later date.

Graduation exams and pre-graduations may be held by telematic means.


 5. Doctorate

Research activities by PhD students in a single form can be carried out.

Final PhD examinations can be carried out in telematic mode.


6. Student secretariat desks

It is recalled that the front office activity of the Student secretariats remains suspended until Friday 6 March 2020.

The Student Answering Machine will be operational from 9.00 to 13.00.

However, it is suggested to use the e-mail contacts available on the page:


 7. Libraries

In spite of the closure of the study rooms and libraries, all bibliographic services are guaranteed remotely and all the loan maturities of the volumes in progress are extended until the reopening.

In addition, in order to provide support to teachers, researchers and technical-administrative staff, the book lending service is available with controlled access in the locations where logistics allow it.

This service is also offered to students, PhD students and assignees, as long as they have a declaration signed by the thesis supervisor or by the scientific director testifying the urgency.

Extraordinary procedures and hours for the management of the book lending service from 2 to 7 March can be found at the following address


 8. General rules

The reception of students of any level is allowed for reasons of urgency and in any case welcoming people individually and separately.

The meetings of the collegiate bodies (e.g. departmental councils, course of studies) must take place in compliance with the safety regulations indicated in the ministerial ordinances in force (such as the reduction of close contacts).

It is possible to hold competitions for research and RTD assignees, in the presence (guaranteeing the safety rules) or in telematic form, once the consent of the candidates has been verified and the regularity of the administrative procedures guaranteed.

A census of the technologies available to the various departments will be carried out in the near future in order to homogenise and optimise the teaching offer in telematic form.


The University is also preparing a cleaning and sanitization of all areas of the University.