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Double Degree Program in “Interpreting and Translation Studies”

18 December, 2019

After successfully defending their MA theses, Chiara Vitali and Jasmine Mazzarello were awarded a double degree: the Master degree in Specialised translation and Conference interpreting of the University of Trieste and the Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies of Monash University, Melbourne.

The joint programme offered by the two universities was started a few years ago and four students have so far been able to get their double degrees. While the numbers are still low, the programme may definitely be regarded as successful. Students enrolled in the programme are required to spend their first year at the home institution and their second year at the other university, for an enriching and fruitful experience giving them a significant competitive edge on the labour market.

Besides the double MA degree with Monash, the Department of Legal, Language, Translation and Interpreting Studies of the University of Trieste also offers two double BA degrees, one with KU Leuven (Belgium) and one with the University of Regensburg (Germany) – two further, successful examples of the international vocation that has characterised Translation and Interpreting Studies in Trieste since their inception in the early 1950