DEAMS takes part in TOLC@CASA run by CISIA - TOLC-E for degree programs in Italian and ENGLISH TOLC-E for degree programs in English

29 July, 2020

The second turn has been fixed for September 14th , 2020 at 9.45 a.m.
To be admitted to the TOLC test, candidates must register online ► CISIA 

Students who registered in the previous TOLC sessions that have been canceled must register again, but without having to pay once more if they have not taken any other TOLC test since then.
The general structure of  TOLC@CASA is basically the same as traditional TOLC versions.

Students with disabilities and/or learning disabilities shall have to register for TOLC@CASA and immediately then after apply for special services at the University of Trieste at least 10 days before the test, in order to arrange for specific aiding devices or support established by law. Enquiries and applications must be sent to Uffici dei Servizi d’Ateneo at, or by telephone 040 558 2570/7663.

DEAMS is planning to hold also a “in presence” TOLC test on September 17th, 2020 RESERVED for those candidates who, owing to serious logistical and/or connectivity problems, are unable to take the  TOLC@CASA test. The “in presence” test is clearly conditioned to the prevailing general epidemiological situation and relative health/social measures that the Governmental and Regional authorities may have to take.

It is advised that, due to the current Covid-19 emergency, safety measures shall have to be implemented as established by the University and in force at the time of the TOLC testing. Updated information on safety measures is available here.