Communication from the Rector and the General Manager - March 10

10 March, 2020

 Against a complex epidemiological situation, the Italian Government and Institutions have decided to take a decisive action, and rightly so.

It is particularly important that all of us immediately adapt our behaviour to common sense even before than to the law.

As soon as possible, and in any case by the end of the day, we will take the following measures:

- New official memorandum on how to plan smart working and office organisation;
- Director General’s decree identifying the services that must be considered as “essential”;
- Rector's Decree regulating official e-meetings.

By the end of the day we will also:

- update the guidelines for the management of lessons according to the new Prime Ministerial Decree (9 March 2020);
- give you detailed information about how to use Microsoft Teams and what you can do with it.

While thanking you all again for your commitment, understanding and willingness to adapt, we invite you, pending clarification of the new regulations, to evaluate in a very restrictive way the possibility of taking exams/tests/pre-graduations/graduations in presence (even with all the recommendations indicated in the Government Decrees), as they are, if not forbidden, strongly discouraged.