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The Campus in Piazzale Europa can now be viewed on Google Maps

29 October, 2018

In recent days the rector Fermeglia together with Paolo Tosolini have made 360-degree shots using professional equipment (Insta360 Pro) that allows you to capture immersive 360-degree video of high quality 'at 8K resolution.  The footage was placed on Google Street so it was shared with the whole world and accessible from Google Maps.

Insta360 Pro - Transport your audience: VR in 8K

All photos and videos can be viewed with Insta360 Player or Gear VR. If a blue or black screen appears after opening an image, or a video cannot be played smoothly, it's likely the device in use doesn't meet the minimum specifications to view this content.

These contributions to Google Maps help the mapping service where the official Google car fails to arrive (e.g. historic centers such as San Giusto Castle or where there have been too many recent changes (e.g. the new parking lot in Barcola -  Google also allows third party users to contribute their photos to maps of new environments and roads, but to be able to make them available on Google, you need professional equipment. 

Paolo Tosolini, a graduate in Political Science from Trieste, is the founder of Tosolini Productions, a digital communication agency based on new media (360-degree video, virtual and augmented reality) based in Seattle, USA.  Paolo has worked in the past for Microsoft USA and is also a Google Local Guide.  With his equipment to create immersive 360-degree media, he can contribute to the photographic mapping of streets and venues that all citizens can then visit on Google Maps.


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