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Call for volunteers for Trieste Next 2019

19 June, 2019

Trieste Next
Big Data, Deep Science: the future of science and man in the age of augmented intelligence

8th EDITION | 27-29 September 2019

The following text, even if declined to masculine, is always inclusive of men and women

Trieste Next is the Festival of Scientific Research that will take place from 27 to 29 September in Trieste, in different locations in the city center.  Promoted by the Municipality of Trieste, the University of Trieste, ItalyPost, AREA Science Park and Sissa, in collaboration with the European Commission and the European Research Council, as well as with all the research and higher education institutions in the area, the Festival aims to disseminate knowledge of excellence, that of the territory of Trieste, characterized by success in scientific research, aiming to encourage debate on key issues of research and development. The Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia is the co-sponsor of the event, while the AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research is the content partner.

The focus of the eighth edition is Big Data, Deep Science and aims to present to the general public the state of the art of scientific research in the field and encourage dialogue and constructive confrontation between the disciplines STEM and the human and social sciences.

Also this year Trieste Next promotes the "Volunteer Project", to allow all interested students to experience the event as protagonists.

The volunteers will be at the forefront of the organization of the event and will make a truly engaging and educational experience within an event of strong appeal, with a rich program of events and great guests, which for three days will animate the city of Trieste.

If you want to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity, request to participate as a volunteer in Trieste Next!

What volunteers do

Support to the activities of the stands in Piazza Unità d'Italia

Volunteers collaborate with the scientific disseminators in the laboratory activities present in the marquees in Piazza Unità d'Italia. They play a key role that makes the experience of the visit special and have the opportunity to leave an indelible mark on children and adults. They need: passion, communication skills and above all good empathic and relational skills, without forgetting the desire to have fun and learn!

The stands in Piazza Unità d'Italia often ask for information on the event, the various appointments, the locations of meetings, speakers, etc.. The volunteer will ensure a good knowledge of the program of the Festival and the city of Trieste, to indicate the locations of the initiatives.

Management of halls, conferences and events

The service to the events begins before the public enters the hall and ends after the conclusion of the initiative. Volunteers work closely with the organisers, who provide them with information on the expected influx of people and the measures to be taken for the reception of speakers, authorities and the public.

The volunteer checks the registration of the participants, assists the public at the entrance and inside the hall, supervises the reception point by providing information on the program and the places of the Festival and distributing the communication materials. It pays the utmost attention to the safety and access of disabled people, pregnant women and children, making it easier for them to find a comfortable location.

Communication and social media

Equipped with a good digital camera or video camera and a bit of creative flair, the volunteer aspiring photographer and video operator will have to try to document in the most effective way the events of Trieste Next, to give us the best portrait of this rich event! It is required to follow the entire program of appointments in the location identified or to agree with the organization which events to be present. Photos and shots of the guests and the public in the hall are requested, but shots and shots that offer an image of the backstage and the organization are also welcome. Essential will be the presence of those who will be able to animate the debate on the key issues of scientific research and innovation on the main social networks and on the blog of the Festival. To be the protagonist of the discussion you will have to stimulate dialogue through social networks by posting and rewatching the news and messages received during the events. To apply for social network ambassador, the volunteer must be already equipped with the tools to be always connected and active on the major virtual platforms for meeting and discussion (Smartphone, iPhone, Netbook ....).

We remind you that often the division of labour is not so strict and that you may find yourself working together in a flexible way, always and in any case respecting your possibilities.
We ask you to be patient, available and attentive to the requests of the public, always updated on the Festival and the program of events.


How to become a volunteer

The call for applications is open to students of full age from Secondary Schools or the University of Trieste who are willing to provide organisational support in the days preceding and during the period of the event (27-28-29 September 2019).

Volunteers will be asked to collaborate in the dissemination activities in Piazza Unità, to take care of the reception of speakers and the public at the entrance to the halls, to provide information on the program, the places where the events take place, how to reach them and how to participate. But also to contribute to the presence of Trieste Next on social media and much more. Each volunteer will receive a certificate of participation.

Every year the Academic Senate has given the students of the University of Trieste a training credit for 25 hours of volunteering during the different editions of Trieste Next.


For any information about the activities of volunteers at the Festival, we suggest you consult the Vademecum of the volunteer:

To apply, simply fill in the form available at this link by 8 p.m. on 30 August 2019 :


For information or explanations please write to Lorenza Riccio, Office for Scientific Dissemination Services, University of Trieste: tel. 0405586124.

Come and join our team, we are waiting for you!