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Information for those wishing to register a patent

The Innovation Office manages the University of Trieste’s intellectual property. Specifically, the office oversees the procedures for the development, administration and protection of patents based on technology produced within the University.

Work includes:

  • support for researchers in the definition of the requirements to patent a discovery

  • stipulation of agreements with external patent experts providing specialised consultancy to University staff interested in patenting

  • assistance in registering, verifying and commercialising the patent

  • management of required administrative procedures

Procedure at the University of Trieste

If the inventor decides to grant proprietorship of the patent to the University, the inventor's authorship of the patent will nevertheless be recognised, even if the formal proprietorship, including any rights to economic exploitation of the patent, will rest with the University. The University will guarantee to the inventor 60% of any proceeds derived from the exploitation of the invention (see the “Regulations” section).(page in Italian)


Granting proprietorship of the invention to the University offers certain advantages:

  • (almost complete) coverage of the costs of patenting;

  • support in and management of the patenting process;

  • support in negotiations with bodies potentially interested in exploiting the patent.

In this case, patents obtained as a result of research undertaken in the University are registered by the Technology Transfer Office, which with the help of the AREA Science Park:

  • undertakes an initial check with the researcher to gather information on the discovery;

  • obtains information on the state-of-the-art of the discovery;

  • formally assesses the patenting requirements for the invention;

  • stipulates agreements with external experts in the field;

  • undertakes administrative procedures regarding protection of the patent;

The procedure begins after the researcher has presented a ‘disclosure form’ drafted as the example available in the ‘Forms’ section.

If the University of Trieste decides to proceed with the patenting procedure as outlined above, the researcher must sign a ‘release agreement’ drafted as the example available in the ‘Forms’ section.

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