Mission & Vision


“The University of Trieste is a lay, pluralistic, public sector institution of higher education that is independent of any ideological, religious, political or economic orientation, in compliance with the principles of the Constitution of the Italian Republic and the international commitments Italy has undertaken in the fields of scientific research and university education. 

The main objectives of the University are scientific research and higher education, in order to promote the cultural, civil, social and economic development in the Italian Republic. The University acknowledges that teaching and research are inseparable and that both, where envisaged, are inseparable from support services.” (Art. 1 of the Statute)



UniTs develops in a particularly stimulating territorial environment: it can count on a stable connection with the city and regional system, ranging from relations with the region's universities and research institutions to assistance activities. 

The lively city context and the geostrategic location in Central Europe allow it to play a hinge role at the continental level, to gain international acknowledgement for the quality of its teaching and achieve significant research results with excellence in all fields.

Precisely because of this peculiarity it intends to be and appear an open, stimulating, innovative environment, able to provide a space for growth and development of students, teachers, researches, technical and administrative staff. 

With this wide-ranging goal UniTs aims to grow as a global and harmonic community focusing on involvement of the entire academic and civic community, on the respect and enhancement of the different inclinations, on the development of a policy of responsibility, on the growth and enhancement of skills and internal projects, on a culture of project and result, spread at all levels. 

  • UniTs intends to get closer to the primary concept of Universitas, aims to regain possession of the institutional missions that the same Constitutional Charter consecrates, putting the student community and the practise of critical knowledge at the center of attention;
  • UniTs intends to become a promoter of the recovery of responsible autonomy
  • UniTs intends to give new life to institutional relations at city, regional and national level in order to regain new centrality in the framework of institutional relations, in a perspective of active participation in the choices that involve the academic world; 
  • UniTs aims to be a driving force and act by defining strategies, synergies, new paths and new professionalism
  • UniTs, through the integration of ideas and people, aims to develop a reality of university city, that is not only part of the territory, but itself becomes the territory. 


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