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Your choice of university is crucially important for your future and is therefore an extremely significant personal investment that should be carefully considered in order to obtain an academic qualification that guarantees real value for your professional career.

The principal ambition of the University of Trieste is to prepare the future class of leaders and professionals for a world of work in which the required level of knowledge and preparation changes every day. Adaptability to change and continual learning are among the main values that we emphasise. For many years, the University has held a leading position in the ranking of Italian universities, while it is one of the few Italian institutions also found in international rankings. Recently, UniTS received the highest assessment of ‘very positive’ on the MIUR (Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) scale, placing the University in Band A. rettore di lenarda

We invest extensively in programmes that offer students international opportunities through agreements with other European and world universities that can provide high quality education and rich personal development.

The range of first and second level degrees, together with the PhD and specialisation courses, as well as the excellent staff-student ratio that ensures students can actively participate in their learning, guaranteeing access to internships, laboratories, libraries and study facilities, are all key strengths that distinguish the University of Trieste from other top institutions.

The exceptional beauty of the city of Trieste offers a lively environment which has flourished once again in recent years with renewed interest in Research, Culture and Science. The city was chosen to host ESOF 2020, the most important European occasion focusing on the debate within science, technology, society and politics. The quality of life is enviable; there are a multitude of student events, and a great variety of sports and cultural activites with prestigous theatres and high-profile artistic occasions.

It will be a great pleasure to welcome you to our University and support you through your personal development, always ready to embrace any suggestion or stimulus to improve.


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