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Tangential weak defectiveness and generic identifiability

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Da  11/12/202011/12/2020

Venerdì 11 dicembre 2020, alle ore 10,30, Alex Casarotti (University of Ferrara) terrà un seminario dal titolo:

Tangential weak defectiveness and generic identifiability

Abstract:  We study the uniqueness of decomposition of general tensors T as a sum of tensors of rank 1. This is done by extending the theory developed in a previous work by Mella to the framework of non-tangentially-weak-defective varieties. In particular, the infinitesimal behaviour of the tangential contact locus is linked to the birational geometry of a weakly defective but not tangentially defective variety. In this way it is possible to prove the non generic identifiability of infinitely many partially symmetric tensors.

I seminari si terranno online, sulla piattaforma Zoom.

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