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Intelligenza Artificiale per la Medicina di Precisione: miti e opportunità

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Da  24/10/201924/10/2019

Giovedì 24 ottobre 2019, alle ore 14.30, presso l’Aula B dell’Ospedale di Cattinara, avrà luogo un seminario con il dott. Cesare Furlanello della Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) di Trento, dal titolo “Intelligenza Artificiale per la Medicina di Precisione: miti e opportunità”.

Almost every clinical specialty will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the future; however, pre-clinical testing of medical AI systems does not ensure yet to reach the goals of precision medicine. This talk will discuss how to bridge the gap between top-notch deep learning research and effective clinical impact, dealing with reproducibility, accuracy, interpretability. Methods to identify disease trajectories from integrative data, will be presented, coping with selection bias and hidden stratification by means of valid Data Analysis Plans, and showcasing studies on Deep Learning applied to genomics and digital pathology.

Cesare Furlanello is a data scientist, head of the FBK Unit for Predictive Models on Biomedical and Environmental Data. He is an expert in machine learning and bioinformatics applied to multi-modal health data with Deep Learning. Bioinformatics collaborator of US FDA/NCTR, RIKEN, and adjoint Faculty of the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, he is the Past President of the MAQC Society for reproducibility and quality control over massive data.

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