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Bando per studenti Africani di Master e Dottorato attualmente in Italia

05 Luglio, 2018

Find here below the information that may be circulate about the call. Please support us in disseminating the call among your network of Africa alumni.
Deadline is at the door - 20 days to go

On behalf of Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino, we would like to inform you for the CALL FOR APPLICATION open to African Innovators within the contest of the Africa Innovation Leaders Project. The Africa Innovation Leaders Project was conceived during the Italian G7 Presidency with particular reference to the Outreach Session with Africa organized in Taormina at the closure of the Summit of the heads of government. The project was then funded by the Italian Agency Development Cooperation (AICS).

The project is meant to involve a number of Countries of the African continent: Tunisia, Niger, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and is focused on boosting African prosperity through the embracement of the Next Production Revolution sharing comprehensive understanding of Innovation dynamics with the aim at educating next generation leaders towards new thinking over sustainable solutions.
The specific objective is to accompany empowerment toward the embracement of the Next Production Revolution with special reference to digitalization, energy and mobility.

 Two are the main results of the project:

  1.  A qualified community of AFRICA INNOVATION BROKERS (AIBs) is created as the seed for the next generation of African Leaders, equipped with the right and verified capacity and competences for boosting Africa leapfrogging, so to      favor the embracement of NPR and the diffusion of its benefits.
  2. A platform for innovation, the AFRICA INNOVATION CRADLE is working as a digital tool to enable the AIBs to replicate and expand their pilot experience toward a larger number of local innovation network

Please, feel free to disseminate the call to your network of contacts and consider that the call will be open 3 weeks only. First Dead line is July, 20th.

Please consult the call at and in case of question please, send a message to .