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Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions may represent a strategic tool for a social, cultural and economic development of a country as an academic response to the globalization of societies and markets.
The University of Trieste is deeply involved in the development of various international activities. The role played within the strategic international networks and scientific projects, at both European and international levels, confirms its historical international vocation. The University also plays a crucial role as a bridge between eastern and western European cultures.

Programmes in English

The University of Trieste offers Bachelor and Master degrees in English, as well as a number of PhD programmes.

Prospective International students

Graduation Day

Non-EU and EU citizens wishing to enrol at the University of Trieste will find detailed information on the enrolment procedure in the following International student  section.

International Mobility

The University of Trieste is actively involved in different Programmes at a European level and also in a wider international framework. If you need information on mobility Programmes please visit the International Mobility section.

International Relations

Firma accordo  Sudan

The University of Trieste places great importance to the implementation of International Relations. In this respect, research co-operation agreements with prestigious Universities all over the world play a strategic role. Great emphasis is also placed on the crucial role of the Trieste University within international associations and networks. For more information, visit the International Relations section.

Welcome Services

International Researchers, Professors, PhDs and Students who plan to work or study at the University of Trieste will find a dedicated Welcome Service, which supports them in solving crucial issues linked to their arrival and stay in Trieste.
If you are a Professor/Researcher visit the  Welcome Office page.
For International PhDs please email:
For International prospective and mobile incoming students please email:;

Welcome Office FVG

The University of Trieste closely collaborates with the Welcome Office FVG, where international students and researchers can receive information and tailored assistance before and during their stay in Friuli-Venezia Giulia for accommodation, entry and stay, health insurance, daily life and other useful issues.
For more information visit the web page: Welcome Office FVG.


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