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International Relations

The University of Trieste has deeply engaged itself in the development of its International Relations, by exploiting the historical international vocation of the University and its wonderful geographical location, as a bridge between eastern and western cultures.

The intense activity of the University of Trieste is witnessed also by the fact that the University is inside a network of leading centres and institutions at local level, best known as the “Trieste system”.

The international history of the University talks about the engagement of the University in strategic networks and scientific projects, both at European and International level, about its involvement in high quality scientific projects, about outstanding scientists and scholars, who collaborate with the University, and about the implementation of international educational programmes for its students.

The fundamental pre-requisite of the International policy of the University is the persuasion that: "(11) All forms of mobility should be encouraged as part of a comprehensive human resource policy in R&D at national, regional and institutional level” and that "(12) The value of all forms of mobility needs to be fully recognised in the career appraisal and career advancement systems for researchers, thus guaranteeing that such an experience is conducive to their professional development” (from the Commission Recommendation of 11 March 2005 on the European Charter for Researchers and on a Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers).

In light of this, research co-operation agreements play a strategic role. The university has signed a great number of bilateral and multilateral agreements for scientific and technological cooperation and has developed relations with a large-scale prestigious Universities all over the world for the mobility of professors and researchers for scientific purposes.

List of signed international agreement

International Agreements


Agata Mannino - International Partnerships Coordinator

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